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Create the joyous glow of Christmas tradition in your home with our Freestanding Lace Christmas Village. This welcoming quilt shop will charm your sewer’s heart and accentuate your collection with delight. Designed with rich details such as elaborate scrolling lace, an antique sewing machine just inside the windows, and an elegant lamp post to set just outside. View the individual pieces below for details for this one-of-a-kind FSL treasure.

Instructions and all designs necessary to assemble the quilt shop and lamp post are included. 

Included in this Collection

Lamp Post

Lamp Post Base

Quilt Shop Back Wall Applique'

Quilt Shop Entryway Left Side Wall

Quilt Shop Entryway Right Side Wall

Quilt Shop Foundation Applique'

Quilt Shop Inner Wall Applique'

Quilt Shop Left Roof Applique'

Quilt Shop Left Side Wall Applique'

Quilt Shop Right Roof Applique'

Quilt Shop Right Side Wall Applique'

Quilt Shop Sign Applique'

Quilt Shop Windows Front Applique'