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Kit 3 Rulers Christmas 5mm K35CHR


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Best Christmas ever! With 3 different shapes of quilting ruler templates you can do it too. 8-point star, a bell and a rhomboidal shape to create beautiful designs use it for quilt embellishment or continuous border-to-border designs. The 3mm rulers go perfect for any Bernina, long arm or high shank sewing machine. For Low shank sewing machines use 3MM templates. Include a plastic envelope to keep the rulers near the machine. The 3 rulers kit are for decorative quilting easy to use. Using rulers as a guide makes quilting easy and gives the user the confidence to do straight lines and smooth curves. In addition to being a BERNINA ambassador in Europe I have designed and developed my own line of unique quilting rulers and feet to use in any machine. Alfonsina Uriburu- Quilter.