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By Julie Love and Brittany Love-Bonda
Henry Glass & Co.
"Knit Happy" by Julie Love and Brittany Love Bonda is their debut collection for Henry Glass. There are 15 SKUs in this whimsical and brightly colored collection. The theme is all about knitting and this is shown by happy sheep knitting away. The main pattern is the 36" panel with two sheep sitting on a swing knitting together. Some of the other patterns include: knitting needles, yarn balls, black and white sheep sitting on yarn balls, knitting phrases and a large stripe with knitting elements.

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Knit Happy 36" Knit Happy Panel Turquoise 1074P-16


Knit Happy Knit Phrases White/Multi 1080-1


Knit Happy Knitting Needles Black/Multi 1083-99


Knit Happy Knitting Needles White/Multi 1083-1


Knit Happy Knitting Sheep and Yarn Turquoise 1075-16


Knit Happy Packed Sheep Green 1079-66


Knit Happy Packed Yarn Balls Black 1076-99


Knit Happy Sheep and Barn Scenic Multi 1077-10


Knit Happy Swirl Turquoise 1082-16


Knit Happy Swirl White 1082-1