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The Hoffman Challange




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Catitude 10inX10" Squares CTT10PK


Amethyst Royale 10 Karat Mini-Gems LC-5107


Babe in the Woods Flannel Too! KIT-MASBIW-BLU


Babe in the Woods Flannel Too! KIT-MASBIW-PIN


Bali Color Expressions Berry Delight JR-PWBE


Beauty and the Beast 5" Charms 8500206CHA


Berries & Blossoms 10" squares LC-MASBAB


Block Party Panel Quilt Kit I00009190


Blueberry Park Bright Spectrum 5" squares CHS-573-42


Blueberry Park Bright Spectrum 5" squares CHS-574-42


Blueberry Park Light Spectrum 5" squares CHS-575-42


Blueberry Park Neutral Spectrum 5" squares CHS-576-42


Bonnie & Camille Basics Layer Cake 55023LC


Bonnie Camille Basics Treats MT-55023


Boo To You 10 Karat Mini-Gems LC-5101


Botanical Garden Quilt Kit


Colors of Fall 10" Squares 24pcs Q513-468-513


Colors of Fall 5" squares Q503-468-503


Confetti Layer Cake? 22320LC


Cottage Charm Pack - Tilda 481576


Crystal Farm Double Scoop 2S-CF-X


Crystal Farm Singles 5" Squares 1S-CF-X


Crystal Farm Sundae 10" Squares 3S-CF-X


Cuddle Ellie's Elephant Kit CKELLIELEPHANT


Cuddle Kit My Bubba Soft CKMYBUBBA


Dashing Through The Snow Table Runner #1480527116


Dear Mum Jelly Roll 48620JR


Dear Mum Layer Cake 48620LC


Emerald Forest 10 Karat Mini-Gems LC-5102


Endangered Sanctuary Flannel Layer Cake 6650LCF


Essential Gems Jet Set 10 Karat Mini-Gems Q510-8-510


Essential Gems Jet Set 2-1/2" JR-8028


Essential Gems Sunny Side Up 10" Squares LC-5106


Essential Gems Sunny Side Up 2 1/2" Strips JR-8026


Essential Gradations Pinwheel JR-PWGR


Floral Menagerie Kit KIT-FMBOM


Free-Motion Quilting Panel 24x58" P-4798W55


Frou Frou Fleuri 2800-F22


Frou Frou Fleuri 2800-F8


Frou Frou Spaghetti Strap SDG 4091-7 -F201


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