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Ruffler # 86 For ruffles and uniform pleats
For creating ruffles and uniform pleats with ease
For gathering individual fabric layers
The pleat density and depth are adjustable
Results in even pleats For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Ruffler # 86 is a specialist in the simple gathering and pleating of fabrics. Thanks to its variable setting options, both pleat depth and frequency of gather can be varied.

This means that Ruffler # 86 can set a pleat with every stitch, every 6th stitch, or every 12th stitch, as you choose. There’s also the option of sewing without pleating, without replacing the presser foot (ruffler setting = 0). Gathering is performed by the special gathering blade, which causes the up-and-down motion of the needle to catch a bit of fabric each time and slip it under the needle.

The result: neat, even gathering and pleats on home furnishings or garments.  The depth of the pleat can be infinitely varied by turning the adjusting screw.

Discover Ruffler # 86’s ease of handling now, and enjoy creating successful sewing projects!