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Straight-stitch hemmer #62
Beautiful hems, sewn quickly
Creating double-fold hems using straight stitch
This foot saves on work and time
For hems with a width of 2 mm For fine materials
For optimal results, use the straightstitch plate

Narrow straight stitch hemmer # 62 is the specialist when it comes to precision stitching and narrow hems. The scroll on the front of the presser foot lets you turn the fabric under twice in a single operation. This double-turned fabric forms a sturdy hem that won’t fray.

The sole of the presser foot features a guide which holds the fabric edge together up to the needle hole, preventing the fabric from slipping out of the scroll. BERNINA makes a total of seven hemmer presser feet. With Narrow straight stitch hemmer # 62 , the width of the channel in the sole of the foot corresponds to the finished hem width of 2mm.