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Why are Sergers so Special?

Similar to a sewing machine, a serger is used to sew pieces of fabric together, but it does so with a twist. When it stitches fabric, it also cuts off extra fabric and seals in hems with an overlocking stitch. Your stitches will be stronger and your hems will be protected against fraying.

The BERNINA L 890 is perfectly suited for working with all types of fabrics, particularly highly elastic and knitted materials, and threads. It sews, cuts and finishes in one easy step, so that your sewing projects take shape in no time. It sews using 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads, providing the perfect seam for every design. As a combo machine, it offers three different functions: overlock stitches, cover- and chain stitches and 4-thread or 5-thread combo stitches.


The One-step BERNINA Air Threader makes threading the looper threads unbelievably easy, in fact, it’s actually fun. No more dreading threading! One of the biggest advantages when threading both looper threads is both hands remain free. The threads are magically moved through the machine via one simple step on the foot control. The L 890 automatically sets the loopers in the correct position for the air threader—no turning the handwheel or searching for the right position. Simply press the foot control and you’re off! Here’s a quick video of Gypsy demonstrating threading the chain stitch looper: 

It’s easier than ever to get perfect overlock, cover-, chain- and combo stitches. Create professional seams, edges and hems with all of the functions of an overlocker and cover-/chainstitch machine in one spectacular model. Cupcake Quilts is proud to be your BERNINA dealer - come visit us today to test drive one of these machines!