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A Young Quilter's Journey: Michael Bracht's First Quilt Adventure

There's something magical about witnessing someone's first quilt creation. For makers of any age, it’s often a time filled with discovery, learning, excitement, and joy. Recently, we had the pleasure of accompanying Michael Bracht, a remarkable 13-year-old, on his first quilt journey!

It started with Michael’s desire to create something with his own hands. With some guidance from his mother, Sara Bracht, he chose the vibrant Strippy Stairways pattern from the Stripology 3 Mixology by GE DesignsAfter carefully selecting bright fabrics and piecing with only minimal assistance from mom, Sara, Michael was ready to quilt his first project.

As Sara was certified to use the Bernina Longarm, she saw an opportunity to introduce Michael to the creative opportunities of quilting. They asked if Michael could assist Sara in longarming his quilt. Needless to say, we were thrilled to welcome both Sara and Michael to our studio.

Together, we selected an E2E (edge to edge) design that resonated with Michael's interests. The "Game-On 2" pattern from Intelligent Quilting featured playful game controllers, including for the PlayStation 4 and Super Nintendo systems, paying homage to Michael's love for gaming. Michael eagerly contributed to the process, handling tasks like threading, trimming the design on the screen, and checking bobbin tension with enthusiasm.

As Michael quilted away, his grandmother, Constance Pullido, joined the two at the studio, gathering three generations of quilters under one roof. It was a heartwarming moment, captured in a special photograph that symbolized the passing down of tradition and love for quilting through the family.

Michael's passion and eagerness to learn were evident throughout the quilting session. With each stitch, he grew more confident and excited about his creation. He couldn't contain his joy, expressing his intention to sleep with his quilt that very night. Plans were made to quickly serge the edges, leaving the binding for later, as Michael eagerly anticipated snuggling under his newly quilted masterpiece.

After this first experience, Michael expressed his desire to return for another quilting project. He even hinted at reusing the design featuring the game controllers.

Michael Bracht's first quilt reminds us of the power of creativity, passion, and intergenerational bonds within our quilting community. We can't wait to see where his quilting adventures take him next. Here's to many more stitches and beautiful quilts ahead!