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Celebrate National Jelly Roll Day at Cupcake Quilts

In our colorful and cozy world of quilting, one September day stands out: National Jelly Roll Day! It takes place every year on the third Saturday in September. It’s a day dedicated to fabric, creativity, and community, but for Cupcake Quilts' customers, that’s every day of the week! So what makes National Jelly Roll Day different? Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Jelly Roll, Anyway?

For those who don’t know or haven’t taken one home yet, a jelly roll isn’t just a tasty dessert. If you are a quilter, a jelly roll is a bundle of fabric strips, each 2.5” wide by about 42” (width of fabric) long and all neatly rolled together. A jelly roll is most often prints from one line of fabric, so the strips are coordinating patterns and colors. Jelly rolls’ coordination make it simpler for quilters to get started on a new project without the need to hunt down matching fabrics, and since they’re pre-cut strips quilters spend less time at the cutting table and more time stitching.

Why have a National Jelly Roll Day?

Jelly Rolls bring inspiration.

Jelly rolls are like little packages of inspiration. With pre-coordinated colors and patterns, they offer a canvas for quilters to express themselves, allowing for a myriad of designs ranging from simple and classic to intricate and avant-garde. National Jelly Roll Day is a great way for quilters everywhere to come together, whether online or in-person, to learn and stitch with each other. Quilting shops, workshops, and social media all buzz with activity as quilters share their jelly roll creations and swap ideas.

Jelly Rolls make quilting easier.

For those just dipping their toes into quilting, jelly rolls are a great tool. They simplify the initial stages of quilting, making the craft more approachable and less overwhelming. You can try out new techniques and patterns and focus on your skills.

How can you celebrate National Jelly Roll Day?

Start a new project, of course! Cupcake Quilts has plenty for you to choose from. Check out our favorite jelly rolls and projects to get ready for the day. Try hosting a quilting party with friends, joining a local workshop, or even participating in a jelly roll race, where quilters compete to see who can create a quilt the fastest. 

So, unroll that bundle, put the (sewing machine) pedal to the metal, and find your new favorite jelly roll!