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Top Reasons You Should Have a Serger

Happy National Serger Month!

What’s that? You don’t have a serger?! Well, we need to fix that. A serger, also known as an overlock machine, is a sewing machine that can sew, trim, and finish seams all in one pass. It uses multiple threads to create a strong, neat, and professional-looking finish. We’ve put together a guide for our top reasons you should have one in your sewing room.

Saves You Time and Money 

A serger can save you time by finishing seams quickly, eliminating the need to sew a seam and then finish it with a separate stitch. It also saves money by preventing fabric fraying, which means you won't need to purchase as much fabric or spend time hemming. If you prewash your fabric, you may notice that the ends ravel and fray especially if it’s a yarn-dyed piece. But if you serge the edges before you wash it, you’ll save inches of fabric from disappearing into a tangled mess of thread.

Professional Appearance and Durability 

Sergers create a clean, professional-looking finish that really give your projects a polished appearance. A serged seam is more durable than a traditionally stitched seam; serged seam is stronger than a traditional sewn seam because it uses multiple threads and stitches to secure the fabric. This means your garments and other projects will last longer.


A serger is better suited to some projects (such as sewing knits, creating decorative edges, and gathering fabric) than your domestic sewing machine. A serger can expand your skill set and open up the range of projects that are possible for you to make at home.


A serger can make sewing faster and more efficient because it can sew, trim, and finish seams all in one pass. It can also simplify certain sewing tasks, such as creating rolled hems, which can be time-consuming and tricky to do with a domestic sewing machine.

Bonus: it’s fun!

Ok this may just be us, but the satisfaction when you serge a seam and you see such neat and tidy results is so fun! And you can get creative with experimenting with different types of thread, using decorative stitches, and unique finishes that just aren’t possible with your regular domestic sewing machine.

If you’re looking to expand your creative horizons and create high-quality projects, a serger is a must-have. What are your favorite projects to make with your serger?