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Spring Location: Judy Kessinger FitNice Club

Have you ever found yourself back home from a wonderful weekend event filled with fashion designing, fitting help, fabric shopping and sewing; wishing somehow to keep the momentum going?  We have now launched our very own Judy Kessinger FitNice Club at Cupcake Quilts!  

You must own the Master Top &/or Master Pants Patterns from Judy Kessinger's FitNice System to participate.  You may purchase these patterns in store.

Why I Designed The FitNice System from Judy Kessinger on Vimeo.

Skill Level:
You must own Judy Kessinger's FitNice Master Pants &/or Master Top Patterns.
Instructor Name:
Gypsy Hargrove

Spring Location: Judy Kessinger FitNice Club

$ 25.00