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Humble Location: Heirloom Sewing by Machine

Merely the sound of the word “Heirloom” conjures up an image of genteel ladies sitting on the front porch, with their needle and thread in hand. This class will introduce you to the basic techniques of heirloom sewing by machine. The techniques shared will include entredeux to fabric, lace to entredeux, entredeux to gathered lace, lace to lace, lace to fabric, and
gathered fabric to lace.
The pace is slow, the sewing is easy and the fabrics are simply scrumptious to the fingers. The students will perform hands-on sewing activities.

Supply List: Basic sewing supplies, zigzag sewing machine and machine feet (zigzag, open toe, edge stitch), machine needles size 60 or 65, extra empty bobbin, embroidery scissors, cutting scissors, fine pins, wash out marker, extra light and magnification if needed.
Pencil or pen for note taking.

Kit Includes: All fabrics and laces needed for hands-on-learning of techniques described, as well as creating a Simple T-Bonnet are included in the kit. Each student will also receive 2 sets of hand outs, one explaining the techniques and one the directions for sewing the T-Bonnet.
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Instructor Name:
Tawn Hunka
Instructor Bio:
Tawn Hunka

Humble Location: Heirloom Sewing by Machine

$ 77.00
Includes Kit