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We Service All Machine Lines!

What is a Clean, Oil and Adjust?

 A Clean, Oil, and Adjust is like taking your machine to a day spa; we provide the tender loving care your sewing machine needs. Our trained technicians at Cupcake Quilts pamper and spoil machines as if it was their own.

Simply put, the technicians adjust the tension, balance, feed, synchronization, and more. They remove lint, debris, old oil, and any other foreign objects. Furthermore, they clean and lubricate all moving parts until it produces a smooth and perfect stitch every time the needle drops.

Should your machine need any replacement parts, we can provide you with brand new parts as necessary.

Guidelines For How Often To Have Your Machine Serviced

If you sew 1hr/month - service every 5 years
If you sew 1hr/week - service every 2 years
If you sew 1hr/day - service every 1 year
If you sew more - service every 6 months

Required Items For Machine Service

1. Power cord
2. Foot Control
3. Bobbin case 
4. The Straight Stitch Foot

5. The Zig-Zag Foot 
6. The Zig-Zag Stitch Plate
7. If the problem occurs during the use of a specific foot, 
we must have the foot that is causing the problem while sewing. 

There is a fifty dollar diagnostic fee.

Meet Our Technicians

Curtis Altsman

Curtis Altsman has been servicing southeast Texas for the past 14 years (longer if you include the trouble he got into rethreading his mom’s serger when he was a kid). He enjoys most things sci-fi, tech, or game related and to to learn as much trivia as can.

We look forward to taking care of your sewing machine!