Mastery Class Descriptions:

Mastery: Sewing Basics Part 1 & 2 - B880 Plus, 790 Plus, 770QE, 740, 590, Next Gen 570 QE, 535, 480, 475, and 435.
Learn the basic operations of the machine with practical and decorative stitches.

Mastery: Embroidery Basics Part 1 & 2 - B880 Plus, 790 Plus, 770QEE, 700, 590, Next Gen 570 QE, 535, and 500 Embroidery Machines.
Learn the basics of how to use your embroidery machine. 

Mastery: 215 and 3 Series - B215, 330, 350, 335, and 325
Learn the basic operations of the machine with practical stitches.

Customers who purchase a machine from Cupcake Quilts are welcome to attend our Free Mastery classes, If you’ve purchased a machine elsewhere, you can attend at a fee of $25.00 an hour. With two locations to serve you it is possible to complete all your classes within a month!

Classes will be offered every month but we will rotate the days of the week to be able to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Be sure to reserve your space for Mastery class by calling the location of your choice. You will be required to bring your own machine to each class. If you have just a few questions about specific functions on your machine, or have an older model, please call to set up a one on one appointment.


Classes at Spring Location

Are you feeling Lucky? You definitely will be when you sign up for this appliqued St. Patrick's Day themed decoration measuring 16" x 50". Join us as we make monthly door/wall hangers that can greet your friends when they arrive at your home. It's always fun to change these monthly designs to greet the new holiday.

Cost: $ 45.00
Join Cupcake Quilts as we make a new pillow cover for each month, then switch out the pillow form as the season and holidays change. Two different designs for each month will be made and fit the 8" square pillow form and a new 5 1/2" x 9 1/2" rectangular pillow form. March pillows include an 8" x 8" square pillow featuring glitter shamrocks. The second is the rectangular pillow with flying geese quilted in the hoop. If you haven't used glitter fabric to make a project, this is your chance to see how fun the end result can be.

Cost: $ 45.00
Merely the sound of the word "Heirloom" conjures up an image of genteel ladies sitting on the front porch, with their needle and thread in hand. This class will introduce you to the basic techniques of heirloom sewing by machine. The techniques shared will include entredeux to fabric, lace to entredeux, entredeux to gathered lace, lace to lace, lace to fabric, and gathered fabric to lace. The pace is slow, the sewing is easy and the fabrics are simply scrumptious to the fingers. The students will perform hands-on sewing activities.

Cost: $ 77.00
With Lacy citrus slices and delicate white blossoms, this beautiful cutwork apron makes me think I should invite the ladies for lunch. I'll serve chicken salad and tea sandwiches with key lime tarts for dessert and all the while everyone will admire my lovely apron. Come create your own apron and then plan a luncheon with your friends.

Cost: $ 45.00