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Why Handi Quilter?

Handi Quilter understands what quilters need, a reliable, low-maintenance quilting machine that not only makes it easy for you to finish more quilts, but also looks great in your studio. Whether you quilt for fun, charity, or for profit, Handi Quilter’s innovative technology and quality engineering provide the functionality that quilters demand along with the smoothest stitch in the industry.

All of our machines are backed by the trusted HQ warranty, more than 300 trained HQ local retailers, and HQ customer service, education, and technical support. With Handi Quilter, you’ll be able to finish more quilts to your own or your customers’ exacting standards.


Minute Motifs feature quick designs you can practice and customize for your own projects. Try following patterns with your finger before quilting them. Once you get the feel for a design, you’ll discover ways to nest and repeat.
See Minute Motifs!

Handi Quilter Live Webinars!
The second Thursday of every month (at 11 a.m. Mountain Time), Handi Quilter hosts a live event right from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The HQ Studio Educators share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who wants to join the conversation. You can comment, ask questions, and get live feedback. HQ Live is free to attend, simply join our email list (see sidebar at right) and we’ll let you know about our upcoming HQ Live events.